Our Achievements

Fashion is an art that merges both surreal creativity and practical sense. For this reason, the fashion designers of tomorrow should be equipped with skills that would enable them to create apparels that are both stylish and fitting with the needs of day to day life. At Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, we keep this ideal in mind when we are training the designers of the future. We are one of the leading fashion designing colleges in Bangalore offering a wide range of programs for our students. Starting our journey in 2001, we have since then trained hundreds of students who have now achieved employment with some of the leading apparel companies in India and the world.

At our fashion design institute, our goals are to develop in our students a keen sense of understanding fashion trends of today and tomorrow, which is crucial to the one’s success as a designer. No matter which section of fashion designing you are working with, you need to blend your design ideas with the needs of the people in their day to day lives. The goal of designing is not only to make people look good, but also to render them with clothing solutions that they can wear for all occasions. Like all the other fashion designing colleges in Bangalore, we deliver our students with all the necessary adages about design, patterning, sketching and stitching, and also give them a comprehensive idea about the different aspects of the fashion world; something that is often difficult to replicate in a classroom environment.

The intensive training that we provide here at our fashion design institute has allowed us to churn some of the best retailers, innovators, stylists and consultants who are now working with various leading fashion houses. Being a premier fashion design institute in Bangalore, we provide our students with a training facility that provides a world class environment for students to study and learn fashion concepts. Our programs, unlike those offered by other fashion designing colleges in Bangalore, are in keeping with the global standards and this has made us one of the best fashion design institute in India. It is for this reason that we are ranked highly among all the fashion designing colleges in Bangalore.

Our institution takes pride in the knowledge that we have been supporters and partners in the promotion of education in Apparel and Textile technology and design. We have not only provided quality education for hundreds of students over the past decade but also have collaborated with various reputable organizations such as the Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of Small and Micro Industries, Govt. of India in providing sustainability and skill development programs to women across the state of Karanataka.


IIFT is the only Fashion Institute in India to have entered the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS (2011 Edition) for conducting a fashion show with the most number of garments ever displayed amounting to a total of 542 pieces by 82 graduating designers.


IIFT College of Fashion students secured the 1st and 8th Ranks in the Bangalore University examinations for B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design.


IIFT has been recognized as among TOP 10 promising Fashion Designing Institutes by The Higher Education Review Magazine.

IIFT Won the Education Excellence Award for Top & Most Promising Fashion Technology Institute of The Year 2021 for Outstanding Performance in Virtual Knowledge Delivery During Pandemic presented by Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited.