University Collaborations

Bangalore University

One of the oldest Universities in India, Bangalore University’s foundation dates back to 1886. Constantly gaining recognition abroad, BU has made its mark in the education of some of the brightest minds of our country. Recognised by the UGC, Bangalore University has not only gained momentum in the delivery of quality education but also in the number of students it attracts from India and across the world. Bangalore University has been accredited by NAAC with an “A+” grade.


IIFT College of Fashion is affiliated to Bangalore University to provide our students with a B.Sc. degree in Fashion and Apparel Design.


Karnataka State Women’s University

Established in the year 2003, KSWU is the first and only Women’s University in the State Of Karnataka. Their formation was based on the ideology to provide accessible and hands-on education which will enable women to make a stand of their own.


IIFT is affiliated to the Karnataka State Women’s University to provide our students with various established courses in the field of Fashion Design and Fashion Management.


Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore is affiliated to Bangalore University and works in close collaboration with Karnataka State Women’s University. The nature of collaboration demonstrates our desire to get the best educational inputs and guidelines from seasoned educationists and use it effectively by infusing it into our curriculum so that the best quality of education can be made available to students. 


The curriculum

The curriculum of the graduate program in Fashion and Apparel Design is a mix of theory classes and practical sessions that have been blended in right proportions so as to give opportunities of hands-on training to students. As they say, it is easier said than done, we make students realize the importance of practicing the skills that are imparted.They practice the things that are taught in class and acquire the confidence in applying the techniques and knowledge in real life.


We take care to unearth hidden talents and creative trends in students and use our expertise to channelize it in the right direction. This acts as great motivation for students who are surprised to discover their latent abilities that form the foundation of their careers.


Indian Institute of Fashion Technology is set to create new standards in fashion education in the country. Quality education that satisfies the creative instincts and promises a fulfilling career is what we pursue with conviction and commitment.

Joining the institute will place you much ahead in the race of launching a successful career in fashion design and fashion technology.


Indian Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier institute of Bangalore engaged in imparting quality education in fashion technology to aspiring students seeking to make a cut in the fashion industry. The institute has been founded with the purpose of making students realize their dreams of becoming successful professionals in fashion designing. We are working relentlessly for the cause of students who are our prized possessions.


Our goal

  • We provide complete care and guidance to those who are passionate about fashion design and want to give shape to their talent so as to convert them into worthy professionals capable of serving the fashion industry.

  • Our three-year degree course in Fashion and Apparel design is one of its kinds in the country. The course has been designed with the purpose of harnessing the creative talent of students and directing it towards a meaningful enterprise.

  • It is our endeavor to make our students the most valuable resources of the fashion industry so that they are able to establish themselves as successful professionals.

  • The raw talents are honed and refined at our institute and blended with educational inputs that make their creative pursuits more meaningful.

  • The course is designed to unearth all hidden talents and provide a platform for practicing and flourishing that gives them the confidence necessary to become successful professionals.

Our courses

At Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, we have designed a graduate course in Fashion Technology And Post Graduate Program also to make it comprehensive and industry oriented so that what the students learn today will be useful in all respects in their professional careers. As an institute that is seen as a cradle of fashion designers, we have developed a close relationship with the industry that has enabled us to design the course in a more practical way that matches with the latest trends and practices prevalent in the industry.



We make our students industry ready in all respects and provide the perfect launching pad for their careers. With us, it is easy to make a mark in the industry for those who have the creative urge and artistic sense that is at the base of all fashion. We teach students how to make use of their talent so that they meet the standards of the industry. The latest techniques and methods are imparted to them so that they can excel in their fields.


Producing professionals for the fashion industry who can enrich the trade by their valuable contributions is our motto. With us, students can expect nothing less than the best in fashion education that can set them apart from the crowd. Students passing out from Indian Institute of Fashion Technology are sure to be counted in the highly competitive world of fashion design.


Indian Institute of fashion technology is an institute of fashion design located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Established in 2001. It is a pioneering design incubator that nurtures emerging design talent Education here is centered on the development of ideas. IIFT is the hub where designing is induced with passion & standards of design education are set with creative educational culture, development of problem-solving capabilities & by promoting design competencies.


In the fashion industry, if you aren’t moving forward, chances are you are falling behind. The world of fashion has the capacity to change faster than ever in the digital era, and those with an eye on what’s happening right now and a feel for what’s coming next are in a powerful position to gain a competitive advantage.


Since the inception in the year 2001, Indian Institute of Fashion Technology has traveled an illustrious journey, thriving on its initial objective and promise of imparting Industry Specific education to today’s youth. The institution has been focusing on providing training that promotes employable skills and enhances social relevance. The institution imparts training of various academic programs right through vocational to Post Graduate Level, Specializing in Design, Management, and Technology.


Indian Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore is a Fashion Designing school that has earned a name for itself in the field of fashion education. It is now ranked among the best fashion design institutes in Bangalore with an impressive track record of securing the first place among all similar institutes in Bangalore in 2013 on the basis of the results of the examinations held in 2013. Finding a place in the Limca Book of Records is another memorable feat achieved by us in 2011.


The institute that conducts the graduate program in fashion technology, fashion designing, and the postgraduate program also has encouraged students to nurture their dreams for finding a place in the fashion industry and we have helped them to realize their dreams. We have been the gardeners, who have compassionately cared for the seedlings, made it grow into saplings and nourished the saplings that grew into trees that now bear fruits. The journey has been laborious but exciting and our greatest fulfillment is to watch in delight the splendid fruits that the trees bear. The success of the students is our reward that we cherish.


It has been our aim to offer something different in fashion education and designing field. We are lucky to have been able to do it. The level of confidence that we enjoy among the student community is a matter of pride for us. It gives us great pleasure to see students flocking to our institute with high hopes which we are able to give shape and launch them successfully in the fashion industry. Indian Institute of Fashion Technology is considered today as the most reliable launch pad for aspiring students who want to make a splash in the fashion industry.


We not only educate students but we also promote them. Students are our ambassadors and we take all measures to get them placed in the industry. Driving education towards a meaningful conclusion that culminates in launching careers is at the heart of our initiative and we have been doing it with confidence throughout the years. The industry has also extended full co-operation in making it a success.


Our association with the Indian Fashion Industry is deep-rooted as we participate in its activities either directly or through representations made by our students. We are a reputed institute that is looked upon with high regards and respected by the industry professionals who rely on our strength to supply quality human resources specialized in fashion design.


We are never complacent with our achievements and strive to create new standards that will be far above what we have been able to achieve until now. The sky is the limit and we are in the ascending mode in our endeavor to stay ahead of the competition. We want you to accompany us in our flight for supremacy.