Indian institute of fashion technology is one of the best fashion design colleges in Bangalore. Fashion technology and Apparel College has a single center in the range of art, design, media & communication disciplines it encompasses. Indian institute of fashion technology is focused on a group of related subjects such as advantages in resources, reputation & range. We have been able to focus our resources & build up special facilities of a high order & we have endeavored to create an excellent learning environment for our students.

The college trust on all the departments for its creative life. Many staff members are designers as well as researchers and the rich student mix studying within art, design, fabric, media and creativity can hugely benefit on their experience. Many staff curate, participate in and conduct their own exhibition both in Bangalore and other states. In addition, the staffs have published work through journals and are involved in setting up or giving papers at conferences.

The nature and size of the department is able to provide students with access to a wide range of specialist facilities and learning resources. A library and learning resource room together, a house around more volumes, with one of the largest art and design collection in Bangalore, comprising books, periodicals, exhibition catalogs, archival material, slides and videotapes.

The learning resource also encompasses information technology support. Hence Indian institute of fashion technology is one of the best fashion design colleges in Bangalore; they strongly believe that with these inputs a new breed of students will emerge. All of them may not become individually famous but they will act as change agents and be a source of great value in their organizations and will produce great teams and great society.