Mission &Vision


“Never give up, as what your mind & heart says is bigger than the challenges you face”


Founder Chairman & Director

The Core Purpose of Indian Institute of Fashion Technology is to provide professional services associated with education and training in the field of Fashion Design and Designing Technology by adhering to International Standards, which are reviewed continuously for improvement to accomplish consistent satisfaction.

Hence, we are the best Fashion Designing College in Bangalore; which is a testimony to the fact that its quality standards are at par with the best in the world. We state with pride that each student is an integral part of the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology were a commitment to excellence and professionalism, will be expected to display regularly and consistently.


Having evolved into a globally renowned institution of higher learning with a focus on

Internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employ-ability, catering to the needs of the design, fashion industry. The industry is growing manifold and future beholds a very competitive market led by the adoption of superior technology, a business organization in a larger scale of operation, and interplay of business strategies. Indian Institute of Fashion Technology has metamorphosed into an industry leader that develops courses with a pulse on the needs of the entire spectrum of the industry.

The Indian Institute of Fashion Technology being in the Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore ensures that the industries it caters to, are equipped with people who have the requisite technical, leadership and creative skills to spearhead growth, innovation and social development.