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Angel on her Wedding Themed Boutique Setup - IIFT

The heavenly bodies star, planets, asteroid comet, the MOON and the SUN have always been fascinating and inspiring. Where SUN and the MOON being the most inspiring aspect has been depicted through the window display and the boutique set up.

As they say ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, the same story has been portrayed imagining Angels Wedding where she is sitting on the Moon which is the most dominant aspect in the window display. The achromatic color scheme with the sparkling stars, black background and the white clouds enhance the Angel bride even more in her Red Trousseau.

The boutique setup contrasting to the display where the SUN is the highlight- powerful and energetic is been depicted. As it is for the Bride,the collection of the Boutique is Bridal collection which includes Womens wear,Menswear and special section for accessories which can be worn along with the bridal wear. All together being an inspiration from the sun and the moon, the Angelic Threads totally depict the theme, the Angel On Her Wedding Day.

Check Out This Amazingly Beautiful & Angelic Boutique Which Has Been Setup by The Students of IIFT.


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