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Blazing Blazers - Guide To Wear Blazers

A well-tailored, perfectly fit piece of a garment, a blazer has always been a must-have in every reformed wardrobe. A Spring outfit, ruling and being a show-stealer of every fashion ramp is a winner. An outfit that makes one feel dressed. Well let’s not restrict our thoughts that would limit to a basic tailored blazer creating a formal workwear look, there is a lot more to go ahead.

There is definitely something effortless about a blazer. Having so much history, the blazer has groomed itself with time. Recently, designers have gone playful with colors (Did you know that there is a whole Psychology of Colors in Fashion Designing?) and design details which can polish any look. A Silhouette with a strong design definition can create a party look with a leather or a cape blazer or adding lace or peplum to accentuate a woman’s beauty and femineity or create a casual look with a denim blazer or a casual attire below the classic blazer.

Wow! There is so much to look into.

Edith Head, an American costume designer says,

‘’You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.’’

Blazer today is an extremely versatile garment and is something that is suitable for any situation be it uniform, business casual, formal, party wear and many more. Here comes the major role of styling. Yes, we are talking about Fashion Styling! Stylists are those professionals who usually work along with Designers, Photographers, Brands, celebrities to create the “Look”. Creating ‘Looks’ is all about Experimenting with different attires. You must be thinking that the article began with Blazer and now I am talking about look. Let me reassure you that we are talking about the Blazer and the look in this post. So here we go.

One of the Students - Ms. Ashwini R Jain from IIFT has created different looks and proved how a basic Black Blazer can add wonders to your wardrobe

A Casual look is relaxed, spontaneous and best suited for everyday use. This Chic look is created using a Gray shimmer tube, black denim and a pair of white Canvas Shoes. The frizzy hair is adding a ready to go look.

Street Fashion is generally associated with youth culture which is common in major urban centers. The look created justifies that. A rugged denim Skirt, a black bralette, sports shoes and danglers in the ears complete the whole look.

Imagine you have a long workday and you have a party to attend after work. Here is the solution to your attire. This look totally is a glam look... Just change over to a nice sequined top and you are sorted. A black pant, Stilettos, fancy belt, Sequinned top, lovely danglers and nicely set hair and you are all set to party!

Ethnic is the new modern. This style embraces and represents the culture. Take a look in here and look at the cusp. The blazer with a basic white Kurti and black legging is looking just wow! The accessories, the traditional earrings, neckpiece and the Jutis are to accentuate the look here. The look is eccentric yet fantabulous.

This Impeccable office look is a treat to eyes, isn’t it? While we spend a significant amount of time at workspace then it should be the best attire and the best makeup to feel confident and comfortable throughout the day. The nude footwear and subtle studs are the perfectionists which would go with every look. The blazer tucked in under that beautiful brown glossy skirt, a basic black spaghetti top and a neat bun completes the stylish office look. The look is definitely distinctive from a normal formal look. Time to try it out!

This one is most experimentative. A creative blend of two styles, cultures is what we call Fusion or Indo Western. The best look is achieved by adding the basic white shirt on top of the blazer with a contrasting sleek brown belt on top and the black jegging with the Jutis get together ideal for fusion. Perfectly mixed and matched!!!

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Blog Written By:

- Rucha Karvinkop,

Assistant Professor, IIFT


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