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Elegance Lace Route - Boutique Setup By Students

Inspiration: Bloom

Mood: Elegance

Theme: Lace Route

The whole Women eccentric concept is inspired by bloom is focussed on the women’s elegance and beauty which is the mood of the display. Lace a fabric defining all beauty aspects, made out of yarn, thread and have a beautiful entangling in floral pattern altogether justifies every aspect of the setup. Lace route takes to the tour of transparency, elegance, floral art, and many more.

The display has all neutral colors. The combination of beige and light brown is prominent in the display. The display is a corner display where one wall is full of lace-inspired 3D flowers and another side covered full of frames that are made with Embroidery rings and lacey fabrics. The tasseled lamp is contrasting and adds to the whole look. The mannequin Is wearing an outfit that totally matches the theme and the color palette as well.

The boutique setup is again followed by the same concept. The collection of the boutique includes floral, pastel apparel, and even the other Arti crafts and accessories have the same concept. The Boutique has four sections- Womenswear, Kids Wear, Accessories, and art materials. The Boutique is full of lace backdrops and art crafts which makes each element a treat to watch. The lights used in the boutique are yellow accentuating the setup well. The Boutique is a free flow layout that has a table fixture, new arrivals section, wall hangings, wall arts, table lamps, trial room, and mirror which altogether makes a beautiful combination in the desired boutique.

Here are some of the Pictures from the Boutique Setup.

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