Fashion Techniques You Can Follow In 2020-21 - A Student's Perspective

One Should know of clothing it is a protective cover make us feel attractive and help us to move around in comfort. Clothing brings confidence and reflect the personality of the person. It helps human body to survive the harsh weather condition & protect human skin which is quite sensitive.

Will know the importance of dressing professionally.

When dressed professionally, you will gain more opportunities to promote yourself within a company and build your image. Dressing professionally increases your self-confidence. With great self-confidence, you tend to be more comfortable in tough or new situations, which will increase your odds of succeeding.

Fashion is related historically to an individual’s personality since it gives a general idea of what the person is thinking of and his personality as well. Personalities have a big and great responsibility; they represent the individual himself. Clothes help in expressing the innermost thoughts, kindness, and feelings. This is enough to know what kind of clothes and what is the appropriate way to wear them.

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable for being in a place that obliges us to be with a certain dress while we have a different lifestyle. Fashion simply is our appearance, manners and characteristics. Fashion and personality are related and each one completes the other. When looking at a well-dressed person you probably ask yourself does this person create the clothes or just those fit him exactly? Colours most of the time give the mood of the person; choosing the colour while dressing is done according to the mood of the person, no one can dress red, green, or yellow if he is in a certain situation and not happy.

Attraction for woman is just as visual as it is for man. They think what she might be from the way she dresses and walk and vice versa.

Selection of the clothes according to the occasion, time or mood reflects the taste of a person. The way of choosing the dress comes without planning and it cannot be realized by the person himself unless someone points and asks about sadness and gloominess. Fashion does not necessarily mean that one has to wear what is common to all but it relates to a person own thinking and perception.

In terms of one’s abilities I believe that people should be judged by them rather than for their attire. Dressing well, however, is just as essential; it explains a lot about one’s personality. For example, if you go for a job interview and are not dressed well, how can you expect yourself to be hired when the first impression you delivered to the employer is a negative one.

It tells a lot about a person and usually the first impression a person gets from you sticks in their mind forever and I have personally experienced this.

Nevertheless, I believe we dress to please ourselves in the first place and before anyone else. Dressing well allows one to gain self-confidence and that is an important aspect of communication. Good communication skills can be obtained easily if one decides to choose what to wear wisely.

Although I believe that clothes reveal a person’s personality. I believe there is no excuse for someone to treat another badly for their clothing.

Written By:

Name: Dharmavati


Batch: 2020


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