• Tayeeb Khan

Perks of Being A Fashion Designer – The Advantages

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Fashion Designing is an art and most of the art forms demand creativity, attention to detail and a lot of hard work. Fashion Designing is nothing less than a field of inventions; You would be inventing, creating new designs.

Fashion Designer’s are the one’s who make our appearances look better.

Perks Of Being A Fashion designer

One of the greatest advantages of being a Fashion Designer would be the immense creative satisfaction you will get out of your creations.

Fashion Designing as most people think is not just about designing clothes or drawing the design of clothes on computer or a piece of paper. It is so much more than that. It’s about designing accessories, learning how to drape, creating colors, designing jewelries, sewing and of course designing clothes.

Fashion is surely one of the most glamorous fields to get into; especially if you get into a big Fashion Brand or become a celebrity designer. One thing that is sure about Fashion Designing is that this is one profession that’s kind of recession proof.

Fashion is never gong to get out of Fashion.

People want to look their best & you as Fashion Designer are going to make that happen; I don’t think people would ever stop thinking about looking better anytime soon.

Before we get onto the actual advantages of being a Fashion Designer, Let’s talk very briefly about how to become one first. There are several courses you can take up to become a Fashion Designer. The course duration ranges from 6 months to 3 years depending on which course you take.

If you don’t have much time for classes, there are certification courses or even weekend courses you can enroll for. But, if you want to study Fashion Designing full time, Either Diploma in Fashion Design & Boutique Management or BSc in Fashion & Apparel Design are better ways to go about it. You can go on further to pursue Masters in Fashion Management after your completion of Bsc in Fashion & Apparel Design if you want to study advanced topics.

Now that, the how part is done, let’s get onto the Perks or Advantages of being a Fashion Designer. To be frank, there are many, but I’ll be covering the really good one’s here.

Job, Creative & Self Satisfaction:

As mentioned earlier, Fashion Designing is one career that demands creativity. This career path no matter what will sure give you the Creative satisfaction you crave for.

As a Fashion Designer, you will be able to create new trends and put an end to old trends.Fashion Designing is nothing but influencing people to start using your designs may it be clothes or accessories.

When you see people wearing your designs, there is no better feeling than that in the world. You have a job of making people look better. If that won’t give you Job & Self satisfaction; I don’t know what will.


Almost no one gets into Fashion Industry unless they are really passionate about the field. Fashion Designing is an art and the first step to succeed in any art form is being passionate about it. Designing is all about expressing yourself – In-terms of designs, colors etc..

If what you seek is fame, then there is no better way to seek it by doing what you love and what you are passionate about. It’s not something you do based on some kind of formula; You need to use both your heart & brains. Trust me Fashion Industry will pay you back for all the hard work you put in; Sometimes in ways you would have never imagined.

Starting Your Own Business:

Its relatively easier for a Fashion Designer to start her own business compared to other industries. You can setup Boutiques or start a brand of your own. Latter is a bit more complicated than former, but it’s not impossible.

If you are really confident about your skills and talent; You can start your own brand. Sure, you have to put in a lot of hard work and it might be even small at the initial stage. But think of the big picture here. If it really works out, you would be famous and rich.


I am sure, you might have been waiting for this one to come up. Almost Everyone do what they do for the sake of money & Fashion Industry will get you a decent income, depending on where you are working. If you manage to get placed in Big Brands, there is no stopping you.

The income might just be satisfactory at the initial stages, but once you gain experience and develop your skill set, You’ll start getting a fat paycheck. If you come up with a hit design, you are set for a long time depending on how well the design sells.

No Fixed Working Hours:

You can count this one as either an advantage or disadvantage depending on what kind of person you are. If you are some one who is set in your own ways, this might count as disadvantageous.

There are no set timings when you are working in Fashion Industry.It’s a creative and demanding field, hence no one would know how much hours of work you have to put in to finish your work.

This especially true if you are starting your own business. You have to work really hard and round the clock at-least in the initial stages till your business takes of. Once it does, sit back and enjoy.

Meeting New People:

Networking in this industry is as important as any other aspect of Fashion Designing. Every day would be a new adventure, There’s always something new to be done and new people to be met.

Fashion Designer’s often meet new clients and other fashion designers. That is the part and parcel of being a Fashion Designer. If you leave a really good impressions with people you meet, they might help you go places with your career in future.


As a Fashion Designer you have to go places to showcase your designs, client meetings and even Fashion Shows. Fashion Industry is best field to get into if you are a wanderlust. You will creative satisfaction from your job and get to visit loads of new places.

If you career is going in a good direction, you will get lots of opportunities to visit & land boutiques in many places.

The Freebies:

You heard that right. Once you make a name in the industry, Brands would want you to remember their name. isn’t it hard to forget the name of the brand that gave you your favorite sneakers or cosmetics for free?


Yes, I saved the best for the last. Fashion Industry is one of the most glamorous industries – Of course after Entertainment Industry - to work in. As a matter of fact, The

Fashion & Entertainment industries intersect at so many points. Meeting famous people & attending fashion shows is just a small aspect of Fashion Designing. You never know when a celebrity would actually make an appearance. Fashion Designing is not just about those sleek pictures you see on the magazines; It’s so much more within.

With all these advantages, who would not want to get into Fashion Designing. But, like every other thing in the world, It’s not all hunky dory; even fashion Designing comes with some disadvantages as well. I will list them below but won’t get into details of it. That’s the topic for some other blog post.

Disadvantages of Being A Fashion Designer:

  • Criticisms: It’s a creative field, where there is creativity, there is criticism. It depends on how you take criticism. It has the power of making or breaking your career. So, try to take them with positivity & a pinch of salt; You’ll be good to go.

  • Fierce Competition

There is no field that would have only advantages. Its how you overcome the disadvantages to see yourself succeed. Fashion Designing is a broad field and there will be plethora of opportunities for you gain success and fame, but at a price. All you have to decide is whether the price is worth the success? If your answer is yes, then just get in and ride the roller coaster.


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