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Ruffles - Boutique Setup By IIFT Students

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Our Students Setup A Boutique & Excels At Ruffle Designing:

IIFT students undergoing course of Diploma in Fashion Designing and Boutique Management are trained to set up Boutique, as part of syllabus, to enable them to understand all aspects of setting a Boutique, as start up.

The designated batch was given the theme of RUFFLE. Ruffle in general has a lot of meaning. But in the world of Fashion, Ruffle means Frill, where fabric is gathered or pleated. It also means - a break in the smoothness or evenness of some surface undulation.

There are two basic types of ruffles Circular ruffles and gathered Ruffles. You will find them at the hem of skirts and dresses but sleeves and necklines also often sport ruffles. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

The ruffle was once worn by royalty and revolutionaries of both genders, to connote strength and exceptional power. Historically, ruffles were unisex. They first came into being in 16th-century Spain, when soldiers wore several layers of clothing and often slashed their sleeve ends to reveal the fabric beneath.

The students were highly motivated and excited on this concept. They applied their creative minds and designed Indian dresses with Ruffle, in pastel shades and matching accessories, added to the glamour.

Ruffle being - in thing or trendy pattern, student designers gave Indian attires, more importance and made garments fashionable, which won admiration from all visitors.

Ruffle designs demand lots of efforts and make garment grand by giving royal look. IIFT student designers thus proved their proficiency, in RUFFLE DESIGNS FOR INDIAN ATTIRES.

While Ruffle designing had its challenges, part of the task/training was setting up a Boutique. Boutiques as we all know needs to be attractive and it won’t be a stretch to say that IIFT Students nailed it with a beautiful-looking Boutique.

Here are some pictures of Boutique & Designs, Check Them Out & Treat Your Eyes With These Attractive Designs:


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