• Tayeeb Khan

Tarakashi Jewellery - An Intricate Art Form

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

This is a very different and unique art form, which came from Orissa in the late 1500s. Tarakshi Jewellery is a little modified version of the Greek Jewellery which has Filigree work. The technique of both Tarakashi & Filgiree are similar though.

Tarakashi or Filigree is nothing less than an epitome of art form or craftsmanship. This particular art form involves very intricate work combined with intense precision and lot of patience along with attention to detail.

What happens in Tarakashi is that very thin silver or gold threads are woven together to give it a shape of flowers, animals or any other designs the artist choose to do so.

The best & in a way hard part about Tarakashi Jewellery is the fact that it’s pure craftsmanship. No molds, carvings or engravings are used in this art form. It’s done by creating a piece by joining silver wires as thin as hair in bits and giving a complete shape to it.

Tarakashi Jewelleries are very delicate looking and beautiful because of the intricate filigree work that is done on the silver. Most of the Tarakashi designs are on silver and will have mostly floral designs. Floral because we know how important accessories are for a perfect fashion statement and what better than flowers for the purpose.

Though when someone talks about Tarakashi or Filgiree, they talk mostly in context of Jewellery Design; it’s not just about Fashion or Jewellery. Artists have been using this technique to create a lot more than just Jewellery like decorative animals, inscriptions for temples, replicas for idols of gods & goddesses etc..

They are popular all over the country because of their antique appeal and delicate designs. Even though the art was born in Orissa & Orissa is famous for Tarakashi Jewellery’s, This kind of Jewellery is famous in Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal as well.


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