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Top 3 Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow as A Fashion Designer

In our previous blog post about the Evolution of Plus Size Fashion & Clothing, we talked about how it all began and where was it going. There is a little ranting as well in that one. If you have already read that post, you can treat this as an extension of that blog post. If you have not read that yet, nothing to worry about, you can treat it as a standalone post, but I strongly suggest you check that post out whenever you have time.

Go, Check out Evolution of Plus Size Fashion–Why, How, When & Where of Plus Size Fashion Clothing Through Years

The fact is that people relate to curves better than people with “zero-figure bodies”. But, when it comes to mainstream media, modeling, blogging, or even being an influencer; it becomes harder for plus-size people to leave their mark. Sadly, It takes a boatload of courage to go out of the way to prove your worth and break the social norms & stereotypes.

Today we will talk about–rather celebrate - 3 of such amazing ladies in the fashion blogging industry. These bloggers/influencers have been spreading body positivity and changing the whole “thin is in” trend. The idea of Fashion is for everyone is gaining a strong foothold. The best example of the body positivity movement showing its effect is the sheer amount of Plus Size Fashion Brands, Stores, and Boutiques that are popping up exponentially. If this post inspires you to become a Fashion Blogger, check out this post on How to become a successful fashion blogger in India.

So, without further ado, here is the list of top 3 plus-size fashion bloggers you should follow as a Fashion Designer. Go stalk their blogs and Instagrams, for you have a lot to learn from their pictures, fashion sense, blog, and more than everything else, their perseverance and courage.

Top Plus Size Fashion Bloggers in India

Amena Azeez:

Amena Azeez started her blog Fashionopolis as early as 2011. This makes her one of the first plus-size fashion bloggers in India. She is also a Body positive influence. Calling Amena Azeez an activist in the plus-size space would not be a stretch. The primary goal of launching her blog was to spread body positivity and to quote her “To Democratise Fashion and make it size-inclusive”.

I suggest you go read her interviews; they are truly inspiring. While you are at it, check out her video on “The Body Talk” with sunny Leone as well.

Amena Aziz mostly talks about Fashion for Plus Size People, Body Positivity, Lifestyle, and Pop Culture along with other things in her blog.

Tanesha Awasthi - girlwithcurves.com

Tanesha Awasthi is one of the fastest-growing plus-size fashion influencers in India. She runs a blog called girlwithcurves where she talks about style, beauty, trends, wellness, and of course plus size fashion among other things. She is on a mission to prove that style has no size. Tanesha Awasthi, who is also a stylist, is part of the movement called “curvy blog” where she speaks about body positivity and self-acceptance.

The mission of girlwithcurves is to empower confidence through fashion. She believes that a great outfit is the foundation of confidence and she cannot be more right about that.

Ragini - Curious Fancy

Ragini is a Fashion Blogger and an influencer driving a revolution in the digital world of Fashion.

Her blog A Curious Fancy covers an array of topics from lifestyle, trends, fashion to body positivity & feminism.

The major focus of her blog is to put forth the chronicle of her personal style. Her style is eccentric, which is bold and vintage at the same time.

While there are a lot more plus-size fashion bloggers around the world, these three are the ones who catch the eyes with their amazing content creation skills that are inspiring and engaging. Have you picked a favorite yet? Let me know in the comments section below. Well, as for me, Amena Azeez is my favorite one.

Have we missed your favorite Plus Size Fashion blogger? Let us know, and we will surely add it to the list.

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