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Window Display - Vintage Photography

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Our Students Setup A Vintage Photography Window Display & They Nailed It - This Is How

Window Display is one of the topics taught as part of the syllabus to our students of Diploma in Fashion Designing & Boutique Management. We make sure that emphasis is laid on the practical aspects of the course and hence students were asked to setup a window display based on a theme allotted by our faculty.

Fashion Designing & Photography always go hand in hand. So, one batch of students was given Vintage Photography as the theme. On 24th of May 2019, the batch put their heads together to setup this beautiful looking window display of Vintage photography.

Before we get into details of what exactly students did to put together this Window display, allow me to give you a very brief idea of Vintage Photography.

Everyone knows what photography is but only a few know that there are different styles of photography that a photographer can actually offer. One of those styles is Vintage Photography. It’s called Vintage Photography because of the fact that it tries to mimic old photo processes and denotes to a different time period. For example, a picture that’s photographed in today’s times but is processed to look like an older photograph. Though there are lots of ways of doing it, one of the ways to go about it is to add sepia tone to the photograph, or as our students did here, setup a window display to mimic an old time and photograph it.

Now that you have an idea about Vintage Photography, let’s have a look at our student’s beautiful work.

Lights! Camera! Click!

The overall look was quite appealing as colors involved were Black and White, representing vintage era and giving feel of it. The whole setup had that retro feel to it. A very tastefully designed icon of Vintage Photography placed in the background. Black & White photos of old-time in the backdrop. The creativity was visible all over, especially the replica of an old Camera placed in a corner, which transports you to your grandfather's time. Black and White balloons hung from roof carried old photos, dangling and swaying, as if making their presence felt in Selfie Era.

There were many props kept on table with a board GRAB A PROP AND STRIKE. The enthusiastic team, invited all invitees to have a pic with props, making them soak in Black and White fervor. In the authentic Black and White environment, the batch placed a black mannequin with white hat, dressed in yellow dress. This was probably to add tinge of hue in vintage era.

The awesome set up, was testimony of lot of hard work, passion, creativity, innovation and will to excel. Deserved to be graded as Excellent Window Display. Faculty in charge also earns KUDOS.

Here are some of the images of the Window Display and our faculties being teleported to vintage era.


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