Indian Institute of Fashion Technology is ranked as among the top fashion design colleges in Bangalore. We offer a truly world-class learning environment for the students, which is ideal for budding designers to sharpen their latent skills. Our extensive knowledge regarding the workings of the fashion industry has made us one of the top fashion design colleges in Bangalore. The programs that we have to offer are at par with the requirements of a changing fashion scene, and this has made us one of the most coveted names when it comes to fashion education.

Ever since our first foray into the field of fashion education, we have consistently developed programs that are aimed to provide young minds with a detailed understanding of the fashion world. It is not only important to be a good designer; to become a successful designer you need to know how the world of fashion operates and therefore conveniently blend yourself with its various workings. Our programs are always in line with the present needs of the fashion world while at the same time touching the areas that we might see in the future. So let’s have a look at the reasons as to why we have truly emerged over time as among the best fashion design institutes in Bangalore.


  • At the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, we offer an educational facility that is at par with the global standards of fashion education. This provides our students with the ideal place to sharpen their creative and management skills.

  • We not only encourage our students to develop their creative potential but also educate them on how the fashion business operates. This eventually helps them to develop clothing solutions that are in line with the current needs of the market.

  • No matter the style of clothing that you prefer to develop, you must have appropriate fashion prediction skills to stay one step ahead of the competition. As fashion is a highly competitive field, this is something that any budding designer requires if he or she is to attain success in this field on a large scale. Being among the best fashion design institutes in Bangalore, we strive to develop this skill among our students so that they can attain greater heights of success in the coming years.

  • Designers also need to be versatile in their approach while they are developing their skills. This comes in handy when they have to handle a wide range of clients who have differing requirements. At the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, we train our students to have a broad sense of mind as well as adaptability to changing needs.

  • We provide our students with an extensive idea regarding the operations of the fashion industry. This inside look allows them to prepare themselves in a better way for the situations that they may face when they enter fashion as full-time professionals.

  • Our programs are constantly updated so that they are in line with the requirements of the fashion industry. This certainly shows why we are considered as among the best fashion design institutes in Bangalore.

  • Apart from the creative elements that are crucial to fashion, the students are also encouraged to develop an understanding of how the process of fashion business works and what are the needs of the current market.

  • Students of IIFT are provided with opportunities to showcase their talent in various Fashion Shows and Designer' contests. Students also get to participate and showcase their design collections in Bangalore Fashion Week which is one of the biggest fashion events in South India.

  • Fashion prediction is a crucial aspect of fashion designing. Understanding the requirements of tomorrow helps to develop design plans for the present that can evolve as successful trends. In order to make clothing that makes headlines, it is necessary to evaluate the changing mindset of people, of what they might want in the coming times. Indian Institute of Fashion Technology aims at training students in a way so that they can develop their potential to effectively predict the fashion trends of tomorrow.

  • Fashion is a huge domain, and within it the requirements of individual clients can be remarkably different. The training that we provide at our institution offers our students the opportunity to develop themselves in a versatile manner thus be at a favorable position with a large number of clients.

  • Our wide range of programs is constantly updated to meet the current standards of the industry.

  • We also provide students with an inside look at how the fashion world works and help them to get a feeling of it even before they enter this business full time.

  • IIFT is one of the leading Fashion and design offering both foundation courses as well as specialization courses in Masters Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate/Diploma and the certificate courses.

  • IIFT is in Collaborations with Karnataka State Women’s University and Karnataka state open University it is also affiliated to Bangalore University.

  • Industrial visits pertaining to the retail sector, fashion sector, apparel sector and boutiques are the main highlights of the student’s curriculum.

  • IIFT is the only Fashion Institute in India to have entered the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS (2011 Edition) for conducting a Fashion show with the most number of garments ever displayed a total of 542 pieces.

  • While the top fashion design colleges in Bangalore offer a range of programs that are aimed at developing the creative potential of the students, our goals are to develop the minds of young designers in a more comprehensive manner.

  • It is this diligence and dedication that has made us a truly bankable name among the top fashion design colleges in Bangalore.