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Art Street - Boutique Setup by Students

Inspiration: Grafitti

Mood: Focus

Theme: Art Street

Grafitti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface. One of an expressive art form that grabs the attention of every passer-by and visually creates a lot of interest and focus which definitely describes a lot about the inspiration and mood. Being inspired by Grafitti, there is so much happening and that’s how it turned the mood to focus. The theme is very clear as it is an art street which is also the name of the boutique.

The window display is majorly contributed with Grafitti and focus. The main attraction of the display is a frame which is made with a bold black and white combination. The Grafitti, art form is portrayed through the major fashion elements ‘’buttons.’’ As the display communicates about Christmas sale, the buttons are an interpretation of a Christmas tree, also there is a Christmas Tree in the Display which again highlights the Christmas season. The garment Displayed is casual wear which is what the boutique collection is about. The focus light of display is again colorful justifying the inspiration.

The Boutique Setup followed with the same concept where one can see a lot of colors coming across. The layout is free flow. The fixtures are prominent in boutiques. The Boutique is sectioned into three areas- Women’s Wear, Kids Wear, and Accessories Section. The main highlight of the boutique is the roads drawn along with street lamps nowhere going out of the Art Street Concept. The boutique has an exclusive play area with the idea while mothers are shopping kids can be engaged in the play area. The Boutique is full of wall arts, lamps, properly sectioned fixtures, a trial room, play area, and a mirror.

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